Specialised Vaulting and Logistics solutions for the diamond industry

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About Us

DIAVAULT provides comprehensive services for the secure storage and shipping of precious metals, diamonds, jewellery and valuable assets.

Through our offices in Antwerp, and our comprehensive network of partners and affiliates in Singapore, Dubai, Mumbai, New York and Tel Aviv, our unwavering commitment to excellence in customer services brings you the peace of mind while your precious goods are in transit or kept in safe-keeping with us.

Our facilities are amalgamations of physical surveillance, a specially trained and armed response team, paired with cutting edge technology systems.

Our key services

Custody & More

We provide tailored custody services and ownership transfer solutions for your seamless trade and lending operations.

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Valuations & Certifications

DIAVAULT GEM LAB SERVICE utilises our established network of partners and service providers, to assist our clients with diamond, gold and precious gem grading, valuations and certification.

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